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  1. Welcome to the server brother, Glad you have decided to become active on the forums as well!
  2. Welcome to the server glad to see you active on forums as well. Keep it up.
  3. Skilling Pets Red- Not Achieved Blue- Achieved - Baby Chinchompa - - Beaver - - Squirrel - - Rift Guardian - - Heron - - Rocky - - Tangleroot - - Phoenix - - Rock Golem - Boss Pets - Abby Orphan - - Baby mole - - Callisto Cub - - Hell puppy - - Kalphite princess - - Olm - - Chaos Ele - - Prime - - Rex - - Supreme - - Dark Core - - Graardor Pet - Pet Kril - - Pet Zil - - Baby Kraken - - Pet Kree - - Smoke Devil - - Snakeling - - Kbd Pet - - Scorpio Pet - - Skotos - - Jad - - Pet Ven - - pet vet'ion - - Vorki -
  4. Combat Lvl. 725 Hitpoints - 500 Max Hit - 41 Poison - Venom Weakness - Magic / Range Assigned by Nieve Zulrah is a difficult boss, it is recommended to have a slayer helm (i) and be on task for added damage! WARNING - ZULRAH IS A INSTANCED BOSS, DYING INSIDE THE INSTANCE PLAYERS WILL HAVE TO OBTAIN THEIR ITEMS BACK FROM ZUL-ERATH AT A PRICE. Forms Green form attacks range - weak to mage Red Form - attacks melee - Weak to mage Blue Form - attacks range and mage - Weak to range Jad phase - attacks range and mage - Weak to mage WARNING! Players who step within the venom clouds will be poionsed and will take damage through out the duration you are in it! If a player is hit by one of zulrahs attacks, you will also be poisoned and will take damage through the entire fight! Rotation/Placement Rotation are as shown prayers shown above are necessary! When zulrah spawns snakelings use barrage to kill them, The last rotation shown below is a (jad phase) zulrah will use range and mage attacks, pray Range! If a player fails to kill zulrah in its first rounds of rotations zulrah will then start back over from its first rotation position! Gear Setup Welfare Setup If using welfare gear, use highest level fire spell available Upgraded Setup Congratulations! You've Successfully Killed Zulrah!
  5. God

    Vorkath Guide

    Fight Overview Vorkath uses a variety of attacks, primarily ranged and magical attacks, as well as melee if standing next to him. Similar to the King Black Dragon, he can also use three types of dragonfire: regular, venomous, and prayer-disabling kind. His dragonfire is stronger than other dragons' and requires more tiers of protection to block. The final common attack is a fireball he launches high in the air that must be dodged or it will deal substantial damage. Occasionally (after six normal/dragonfire attacks), he will use one of two special attacks and alternate between them: Freezing the player in place and summoning a Zombified Spawn that will approach the player and explode violently if not killed, resulting in up to 60 damage Launching acid pools around the area and rapidly spitting fireballs at the player that must be dodged or they will deal high damage very quickly Melee attack: If players are in range, he swipes at the player with his wings/claws (slash-based). Magic attack: Launches a bright-blue projectile at the player. Protect from Magic completely negates damage. Ranged attack: Launches a spiked ball at the player that hits up to 32 damage. Protect from Missiles blocks this attack. This style has been confirmed to occur more frequently than the magic attack when not in melee range[1] if in melee range, magic attack is slightly more frequent. Dragonfire: Multiple dragonfire types. Vorkath's dragonfire is fairly unique, like the King Black Dragon's. All three of these attacks can be completely negated by using a Super antifire and a Anti-dragon shield, Dragonfire ward or Dragonfire shield; using lesser protection, such as a regular Antifire potion, or having no dragonfire-protection shield will lead to varying and higher amounts of damage. Normal Dragonfire: Max hit of 20 damage with Protect from Magic and extended antifire. Venom Dragonfire: Dragonfire that has a chance to inflict the venom status if not venom immune. Pink Dragonfire: Dragonfire that disables all prayers upon impact. High-damage Dragonfire: Vertically launched dragonfire at the player's position when cast. Deals up to 115 damage, but is halved if the player is next to the targeted spot when the dragonfire lands. Recommended Levels 90+ Ranged (Ranged method) 90+ Attack (Melee method) 90+ Strength (Melee method) 75+ Defence (85+ for Melee) 70+ Prayer (74+ with Ranged) Drops In addition to the 100% drops, the player will also have two rolls on Vorkath's drop table. This excludes unique items such as Vorki, skeletal visagesand elite clue scrolls, which have only one roll. Drops remain on the ground for 30 minutes, or until the player leaves the instanced area. Gear - Full void - Ava's - Salve Ammy (i) - Anguish - Fury - Glory - Slayer Helm (i) - Blessed D'hide - Karil's - Armadyl - Blessing - Dragonfire Ward - Antifire Shield - Crossbow - Barrows Gloves - Pegasians - Ranger Boots - Snakeskin Boots - Archers Ring
  6. God

    Farming Guide

  7. God

    Farming Guide

    Locations Falador Catherby Trollheim Ardougne Items Required Rake Spade Seed Dibber Secateurs Herb Seeds (herb patches only currently) Herblore Seeds Guam - lvl 9 Marentill - lvl 14 Tarromin - lvl 19 Harralander - lvl 26 Ranarr Weed - lvl 32 Toadflax - lvl 38 Irit Leaf - lvl 44 Avantoe - lvl 50 Kwuarm - lvl 56 Snapdragon - lvl 62 Cadantine - lvl 67 Lantadyme - lvl 73 Dwarf Weed - lvl 79 Torstol - lvl 85 Wait Time 30 Minutes Per Patch Teleports Trollheim Catherby Ardougne Falador
  8. 99 Woodcutting Guide Lumberjack Outfit- 20% Bonus XP Trees - Tree - Oak Tree - Willow Tree - Maple Log - Yew Log - Magic Log - Redwood Log 1-10 Trees (Lumbridge) 15-30 Oak Trees (Lumbridge) 30-45 Willow Trees (Draynor) 45-60 Maple Trees (Camelot) Congratulations! You may now enter the Woodcutting Guild 60-75 Yew Trees 75-90 Magic Trees 90-99 Redwood Trees CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE REACHED 99 WOODCUTTING!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. wanted to let everyone know who i was and i will be your guide master tom
  10. Timezone (UTC): EST Discord Tag: Dan (God) Languages: English/Spanish Have you ever been assigned a staff position? I was Captain in a cc for a year List the locations(s): Alora How long did you work there? one year What did your duties entail? Promoting the CC, helping players out within, and making sure people followed the rules. Do you still work there? If not, why not? no, i quit the server. Have you ever been infracted (forums/in-game) on DefuseD? no If so, please explain why : How much time do you spend on DefuseD? 5-10 hours a day Image of time spent logged in : Forum post count: 11 What do you like the most about DefuseD? I like the community, how everyone is friendly, and I really enjoy how the server is like no other as far as content and they way to go about things. Why would you like to work with our staff team? I really enjoy helping people, makes me feel like I have accomplished something for the day. What could you bring to help better the team? Fast responses to people with questions and different solutions to fix a problem. What skills or unique qualities could you possibly offer to DefuseD's staff team? Well, I was in the army for 3 years so I have tons of discipline, self control, and problem solving in daily life and that translate to in game. I am able to keep a cool head in tough situations and help defuse conflicts.
  11. God

    Skotizo Guide

    i was going to but i also have a catacombs guide so that would just be too much
  12. Wildy Boss Guide WARNING! IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO LOSE ITEMS, KEEP RISK TO A MINIMUM AT ALL TIMES! Venenatis Lvl. 464 Hp. 255 Weakness - ranged Teleport - East Dragons/Run North Pray Mage, you can still be hit through prayer. Special attack - Two mage attacks that hit through prayer. Gear - Slayer Helm (i) (Optional) (On Task) - Archers Ring (i) (Optional) - Ava's Accumulator - Ava's Assembler - Archer Helm - Crystal Bow - Rune Crossbow - Armadyl Crossbow - Dragonston Bolts (e) - Ruby Bolts (e) - Black D'hide Set - Karil's Armour Set Armadyl Top and Bottom Vet'ion Lvl. 454 Hp. 255 Weakness - Crushed/Salve Ammy Teleport - Wilderness Canoe Pond / Run East Attacks and abilities - Melee attack: Vet'ion simply swings his scimitar at the target, dealing up to 30 melee damage. Magic attack: Vet'ion launches three magical balls at his target, and is similar to that of the Chaos Fanatic and Crazy archaeologist's special attack. Two balls are launched randomly around the player's location while one will always hit on the player's position when he used this attack. Protect from Magic does not block or reduce its damage. Shockwave: Vet'ion slams the ground with his scimitar. The shockwave deals damage in the surrounding area near Vet'ion, up to 45 damage. It is possible for this attack to completely miss and deal no damage to the player. Vet'ion can only use this attack once every six seconds, and will use it even if the player he is focused on is too far from him. Hellhounds: When Vet'ion reaches half health, two level 214 Skeleton hellhounds will appear next to him. In his reborn form, two level 281 Greater Skeleton Hellhounds appear instead. The hellhounds grant Vet'ion invulnerability and must be killed to damage him again. The skeletal hellhounds are basically enhanced hellhounds, possessing the hellhound's high accuracy and damage. Forms: Vet'ion has two forms: a normal and reborn form. Vet'ion always spawns in his normal (purple) form. When he reaches 0 health in this form, he will yell "Do it again!!!", turning into his reborn (orange) form. There is no difference between the two forms apart from the hellhound spawns. If hellhounds were already summoned in either form, he will not summon them again when he reaches half health. While Vet'ion has the lowest defensive modifiers out of the three bosses (-10 crush defence), Vet'ion does have a high Defence level of 395. Despite this, players will be able to hit quite frequently as long as they have 90 or higher Attack, due to his negative crush defence. Using a Bandos godsword or Dragon warhammer will help lower his Defence and make the kill smoother. Gear - Salve amulet (e) - Infernal Cape - Fire Cape - Initiate - Full Dharok's - Full Verac's - Abyssal Bludgeon - Whip - Dragon Defender - Barrows Gloves - Dragon Boots - Bandos Godsword - Dragon Warhammer - Berserker Ring Callisto Lvl. 470 Hp. 255 Weakness- Slash Callisto has relatively high Defence against Melee attacks, so Verac's is commonly used as it is relatively cheap and can ignore Callisto's defences, allowing for faster kills. However, contrary to belief when using the Verac's flail it's best to set your attack style to Spike to inflict the most damage. Kills are typically faster compared to Venenatis as Callisto's Defence is lower than hers. One should still be careful of PK'ers though and always be prepared to pray Protect Item or click the Logout button. Attacks - Melee: Callisto lunges his claw at his target for heavy melee damage. Shockwave: Callisto unleashes a shockwave against his target. When this happens, a game message will appear saying that he has used the ability against you, just like Vet'ion's earthquake and Venenatis' web attack. This attack has no cooldown and can hit up to 60 in one attack. Callisto will use this ability much more often the further you are from him. The projectile of this attack is similar to Wind Wave. Knockback: A small white projectile flies from the player straight to Callisto. When this happens, you will be knocked back several spaces from your current location, and a game message will appear stating "Callisto's roar knocks you backwards.", dealing 3 damage. Heal: A blast will appear under Callisto. Even though the game states that Callisto will prepare to heal himself based on the damage dealt to him, he actually heals himself during this time for a small amount. Gear - Warrior ring - Dragon Boots - Barrows Gloves - Dragon Defender - Fire Cape - Infernal Cape - Fury - Slayer Helm (i) (on task) - Verac's Armor Set - Whip - Black D'hide
  13. God

    Skotizo Guide

    Skotizo Combat Level - 321 Hitpoints - 450 Max Hit - 38 Attack Style - Melee (slash) , Magic Drops Ashes Clue Scroll (Hard) Ancient Shard Dark Claw Clue Scroll (Elite) Dark totem Base Dark Totem Middle Dark Totem Top Dark Totem Skotizo Pet Shield Left Half Jar of Darkness Strategies Like all demons, Skotizo is vulnerable to the powers of demonbane weapons. If currently on a black or greater demon task, Skotizo is also vulnerable to the Black mask/Slayer helmetbenefits. Generally, the best method to fight Skotizo is to use Arclight and wear armour with high Magic Defence (e.g. black dragonhide armour) while having Protect from Melee active so the only source of damage will be from Skotizo's Magic attacks. If the player can afford one, a Twisted bow is the most effective weapon for Skotizo, and it can be used at range while praying Protect from Magic to take no damage. A Dragon warhammer is also helpful for the fight for its special effect, but players without one may use their Arclight special attack for similar results. At any time during the fight, Skotizo will randomly activate the Awakened Altars found in the north, south, east and west central areas of the room. These Altars increase its Defence while activated, and have 100 Hitpoints each. It is best to take them out whenever two or more are present as they will drastically increase its Defence. When travelling to disable the Awakened Altars, the player should temporarily switch to Protect from Magic, as Skotizo does not close in to use melee attacks. Arclight will instantly disable them in one hit regardless of the player's stats and gear. Stamina potions are advised since you will have to run around to disable the Altars. Toxic blowpipe is a great weapon against the altars in case the player does not have Arclight. After half of Skotizo's health is depleted, it may summon three reanimated demon spawns or a Dark Ankou to aid it. If the player is using Protect from Melee, they will pose no threat. If the minions are slain, Skotizo may summon them again. As such, fighting the minions provides no benefit, so the player should instead focus on Skotizo and the Altars. Recommended equipment for Melee - Slayer Helm (i) - Helm of Neitiznot - Amulet of Torture - Amulet of Fury - Glory - Infernal Cape - Fire Cape - Karil's Top and Bottom - Bandos - Archlight - Dragon Defender - Dragonfire Shield - Blessing - Barrows Gloves - Berserker Ring (i) - Dragon Warhammer - Bandos Godsword - Void Melee Inventory Super combat potion(4) or Super set Special attack weapon 2-3 Prayer potion (4) Stamina potion (optional) Emergency Teleport Dark totem Rest sharks or better Recommended equipment for Ranged - Slayer Helm (i) - Necklace of Anguish - Fury - Glory - Ava's - Armadyl - Blessed D'hide - Black D'hide - Void Range Set - Twisted Bow - Blowpipe - Crossbow's - Twisted Buckler - Odium Ward - Unholy book - Barrows Gloves - Pegasians - Ranger Boots - Snakeskin - Archers Ring - Dragon War hammer Inventory Ranging potion(4) Special attack weapon (optionally, gear to make it more accurate) Arclight to destroy altars 2-3 Prayer potion (4) Stamina potion (optional) Emergency teleport Dark totem The rest of your inventory should be sharks or better
  14. Catacombs of Kourend Map Layout Multi Combat Zone Monsters Inside With Combat Lvl. Abyssal Demons - 124 Ghosts - 19 Black Demon - 178/184 Greater Demon - 100/101/113 Lesser Demon - 87/94 Greater Nechryael - 200 Mutated Bloodveld - 123 Bronze Dragon - 143 Iron Dragon - 215 Steel Dragon - 274 Brutal Blue Dragon - 271 Brutal Red Dragon - 289 Brutal Black Dragon - 318 Dark Beast - 182 Fire Giant - 104/109 Hellhound - 122 Ankou - 95 Cyclops - 57/76 Deviant Spectre - 169 Hill Giant - 28 Magic Axe - 42 Moss Giant - 42 Mutated Bloodveld - 123 Possessed Pickaxe - 42/50 Shade - 140 Skeleton - 22 Twisted Banshee - 89 Dagannoth - 74/92 Dust Devil - 110 King Sand Crab - 107 Warped Jelly - 112 Bronze Dragons Iron Dragons Brutal Blue Dragons Brutal Red Dragons Brutal Black Dragons Steel Dragons