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  1. (Discord Link Is now Fixed) Hello! The Discord Link isnt working at the moment I will let Tom know but in the Mean time here is a Discord link to join! https://discordapp.com/invite/VX9dSPz
  2. Timezone (UTC): EST Discord Tag: Lost Languages: English Have you ever been assigned a staff position? List the locations(s): No How long did you work there? NA What did your duties entail? NA Do you still work there? If not, why not? NA Have you ever been infracted (forums/in-game) on DefuseD? I haven’t If so, please explain why : How much time do you spend on DefuseD? Image of time spent logged in : Forum post count: 3 What do you like the most about DefuseD? - Its unique and very enjoyable it has a lot of potential to be one of the best and a good staff team is very important. Why would you like to work with our staff team? - I have talked to most of the staff and worked with them on minor problems on the server and would love to be a bigger help. What could you bring to help better the team? - I have a willingness to learn and help where I can I have a strong understanding of team work coming from a military back ground and fill in time I can become a critical part of the team! What skills or unique qualities could you possibly offer to DefuseD's staff team? Compassion leadership Dedication A drive to want this server to succeed. A willingness to learn just about anything.
  3. Lost


    Awesome Updates keep up the good work!
  4. Hello Everyone! I've already got the pleasure to met most of you but for all I haven't my IGN is Lost. I've played Runescape and Private servers for about 14 years. I'm a chill guy if you have any questions or are new to the server add me in game if you need a friend! See you in game -Lost