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  1. Timezone (UTC): EST Discord Tag: Zenith Languages: English/Estonia Have you ever been assigned a staff position? List the locations(s): Scape-war How long did you work there? two years What did your duties entail? I was going out of my to fix problems and help people. Do you still work there? If not, why not? I guess i quit or playing forward. Have you ever been infracted (forums/in-game) on DefuseD? Nope If so, please explain why : How much time do you spend on DefuseD? 3-10 hours a every day Image of time spent logged in : Forum post count: 1 What do you like the most about DefuseD? Friends £ Happy, Fun, Updates, full community that enjoys this server. Why would you like to work with our staff team? I have enjoyed my time on DefuseD this far. I will help with, and answer any questions that people ask and feel as though I can only continue to become more useful as a staff member. What could you bring to help better the team? I understand how the game works and have played it since a very young age so there's nothing more i'd like to see than a server, what better way to help then support it as much as I can. What skills or unique qualities could you possibly offer to DefuseD's staff team? Studying computer science and working with code and forums for multiple years. I really enjoy browsing through forums and overall the website in general.