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  1. Updated it's link
  2. Tom


    I've had this suggestion before and i'm gonna answer with what I answered back then: This will eventually be polled, As of right now no. The player base is not big enough to bring in PVP armour. it will be massively farmed without any resistance thus making it worthless and probably fuck up an eco for it for when we do have the player base for it.
  3. Welcome, and see you in-game:)
  4. Welcome, and see you in-game:)
  5. Welcome to Defused's Event page, In here you'll find the currently, upcomming & closed events and winners. Make sure to check this thread out once in a while to keep updated:) Currently running events: [Weekly Top Voters] Time: Infinite Weekly top 3 MOST registered voters will get a Bond. [Raids Event] Time: Untill goal reached. Upcomming events: Closed events:
  6. Owner/Founder Tom Community Manager Tyler Developer Apollon Administrators - Moderators God Kid Crispy Server Support - Geoff Gwattii
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    -Chambers of Xeric -The Inferno -Dwarf multicannon (Slayer points reward) -Shop interface have been upgraded and tabs added to them -A graphical update to the landscape -Better clipping & pathfinding (You'll notice the different) -2h Animations are fixed after next client/cache update -Cows drop their hide & bones now. -Fixed 200m capes by giving them another ID -Added a global world message when receiving a 200m xp in a skill -Voting: Got a couple of toplists added & removed from the voting system We have a total of 7 toplists added meaning 7 votepoints and 700k cash per 12 hours 30 minutes of bonus xp when claiming your vote A 1/10 chance of receiving double voting tickets. -Fixed a bunch of empty droptables causing errors -Greater necryaels should now count as slayer task when assigned normals -Fixed the smelting bars bug -Added ranger boots to the crystal key chest -Fixed a TP issue where one could not set price of a noted item -Weekend XP's are now live (1.2x the xp friday saturday and sunday) -Removed a bunch of shit untill its working properly (Quests, chaos ele and some other stuff) -Reworked the visual of the Mystery Box -Can properly assemble slayer helmets and disassemble them -Game modes to choose from with appropriate XP rates and drop boosts -Drop bonus is now working properly (Ring of wealth stacking with your game mode & donation perk modifiers aswell) -Fixed minimap icons -Added a world switcher in the client -Renewed the clients background -Client is now saving your Username/Password if wished & Also all your client options are being saved (Keybindings, advanced options) -No longer need to use cash on the well, just click it once to donate, Items still need to be used on the well to donate them. -Fixed guthans spawn he will no longer get stuck -Guests can no longer post on forum (To avoid spam bots) -Also added 2 verifications to the forums to stop bots from registering. -Added the Craws bow as a revenant drop, with a 50% boost inside wilderness against NPCs -Fixed banks at warriors guild -Added a bunch more cave horrors -Fixed a lil godwars KC bug -fixed a couple issues with logging pms -Added a right click last teleport on the teleporter (Donators only feature $10) -Fixed most object failures can click them on either side (Think of pool, well, altars etc.. if you find any more please tell) -Fixed mining + the ores at DZ -Fixed agility courses -Fixed woodcutting (Also todo with the object clicking) -Fixed couple npcs around the world that were fucked due to data changing their ID's -Fixed npc combat following, so theres no more diagonal safespotting and the npc follows you correctly now -Fixed the wyrm spawning back as full form -Fixed giving slayer experience towards the new monsters. -Karuulm Dungeon Release of the karuulm monsters [Hydra - Drake - Wyrm] Can be assigned by duradel with their respective slayer levels This brings brimstone ring and devout boots ingame Can be found under the dungeon teleport. -New donation store @ https://defused-rsps.com/store No 3rd party shit needed easy to add and delete items and discounting them needs a proper redesign sooner or later -Added a skilling mystery box to the donation store available for ironman aswell (Same idea as the ultra mystery box) -Made godwars death a safe death untill I figure out whats causing the loss of items -Rewrote PKP store it's now live -Trading post is back up bug free (Please test obviously) -Finished a bunch of hardcore mode shit (Correct shops, starter kit, dialogues etc) -The xp bugs -Removal of fog, added player tags to the settings again -Fixed the sets not opening -Placed a check when enchanting bolts so they don't get lost when you have no free inventory space -Fixed an issue where ironman donators could not use the resource area noter for free -Added the hard wood grove -changed corp slighty -changed scorpia slightly -Release of 180. Data -Added PC points as donator perk (See donation page for the perks) -Added a daily task system (Next to the donator guy in home) -Transfered from VPSes -Fixed the prayer glow issue -Fixed torags spawn -Zulrah: changed the death spawn location Also changed price needed to get items back to 250k (Working on instance closure so u don't have to relog) -Fixed the items who were locked on strength experience even though they had different styles -Rune pouch no longer drops runes while dieing at inferno -Added waves for fightcaves (Super Donors and Extreme Donors) -Rewrote most of the magic combat in preparation for the inferno release -Put a 10minute timer on the chaos temple altar to stop afking and support the use of supplies -Removed bloodmoney from skilling activities (These are a worthless currency) -Kraken drops snapdragons noted now -Added the wildy altar for pray training will have a 50% chance of saving a bone -Put DWH in the rare droptable of the bloody key -Marks of grace will now go to your inventory due to visual bugs when spawning them -Zulrah will drop double as it should -Fixed an issue where you could not TP to the DZ when an ironman donator -drop msgs[clue/ckey/whatever] are fixed -Fixed an issue where you couldn't make a fury -Made a few changes to the random event (Less likely on WC ) and should close interface upon home teleportation if you had it wrong -Runepouch nolonger eats your runes -Fixed a bug in TP for noted items not being able to price them -probably some other small things I did but forget about -Release of the launcher (Please download @ https://defused-rsps.com/ and click play now This will automatically download cache updates and client updates for you to save the hassle of redownloading ever again -Dumped all the 200m capes in thenew cache (Haven't added them client sided yet tho except for a couple) -Showing names is a toggleable option -Added the ironman donor icons -Fixed the xp drops being wrong -Added total exp when you hover over total level -A message will appear if you got a clue scroll drop/crystal key/emblem/dark totem piece/darklight drop -Balanced out agility experience rates -Removed all the crappy ess pouches and added ONE pouch with an actual model to the vote shop (the others are unusable from now on) -tweaked chaos elemental (again lel) -Finished up on highscores : https://defused-rsps.com/hiscores/ Added all donator ironman icons aswell as a little preview for the new client credits to @Jurgeant for the idea and execution of these icons :smiley: -No more crates from chaos elemental if you were there -Fixed a couple of alch prices (If you find any items that need to be increased or decreased in price please tell us) -Chaos elemental no longer follows you so you cannot lure him behind a safe spot -Vorkath is now aggresive even if you don't hit him -Vorkaths fireballs speed is decreased by 2 (now on 2ticks) -Removed home teleport for when your in wilderness to support tabs and or teleportation runes -Added a new highscores :smiley: http://defused-rsps.com/hiscores/ will be adding visual changes anytime soon -Increased runecrafting rates slightly. -Vorkath release -Added elder chaos druids to the wilderness with the elder robes drop -added elder chaos druids as a wildy task -Removed barrelchest boss -Removed moles in wildy and added their cave (Bosses teleport) -Added a canifis city teleport -Added pure essence to the tool store (Ironman and UIM cannot buy them) -Put mammoths in their correct place near the obelisk -Put ents in the correct place near corps lair -Fixed up mage arena (added a store aswell with your mage arena points) -No more random mage xp can be gotten from attacking a mage based npc -Made thermo's dungeon multi -Removed the seed/grimy rare drop annoucements -Chaos ele can now only be found @ rogues castle whenever it spawns. -Fixed an issue where you got no XP while killing aberrant spectre's on your task -Fixed a couple more slayer monsters that did not count towards your slayer task(e.g the mutated versions) -Skipping points now works perfectly fine according to your donation level (See the donation information forum post for the points per skips) -Fixed an issue with rights being given wrongly causing bugs in icons (For those who are OSRS and their donor shows up first please message me so I can fix it for you) -Tweaked bolt enchanting XP to not give over alch XP -Tweaked farming XP -Tweaked bloody key rewards -Fixed some bugs in and around the tournament zone -Locked raids & vorkath teleport for now -REVAMP of revenants : Bracelet of ethereum works bracelet drops at approx 1/20 throughout all revs (Start with the goblin for easiest way of obtaining a bracelet) Added the revenant teleport -Revamped the DropTable(ty blank) -Changed a knife for a knife ├Čn tool store(also ty blank) -Changed a couple wildy npcs, will finish that tomorrow again -Removed custom donation items from treasure trails -Nerfed the chance of rolling a rare on the treasure trails -XP drops now drops the correct XP -Changed ladder/lever south of bank teleports when going back to edge -Fixed a pricing issue in voteshop -Added ava to PC shop instead of barrows glove NOTE IT WILL STILL DISPLAY A BARROW GLOVE INSTEAD OF AN ACCUMLATOR UNTILL I UPDATE CLIENT Combat XP shall give you the good xp drop, as for skilling you will need the client update -Farming herbs can now be done in their original places. I know this is no where near proper farming yet but atleast whilst we are beta testing you can do proper runs (No allotments and trees do not work as of yet) -Added a tool exchange to all farming patches (use a grimy on him and he will note it for you) -Changed the farming patch teleport to trollheim -Added sand crabs to the south of zeah (This teleport will ALSO function as best teleport option for the zeah patches) -Added barbarians agility course to the teleport interface -Added trollheim to the teleport interface -Mining essence can now be done on 1 mining instead of 30. -Added tome of fire to the vote shop (Added the fire spell bonusses + fire runes resource) -Upped Chaos Elementals health, defence and attack he should no longer be soloable -Added smoke/dust/mist/mud/steam/lava staffs to have their respective runes unlimited -gnome course xp fixed -fixed the boundaries for setting traps throughout dz -Dorgeshuun crossbow works -The other low tier crossbows work -::explock now blocks everyone who's not a regular player to lock HP (Can lock different skills) -Moved DZ teleport a bit up north. -Added the explock option in the questtab -added ::players for those wondering whos around(did this couple days ago i believe forgot to mention) -Added ancient shards to the dark totem pieces drop table as for darklight,its a 1/1000 drop from any of the catacombs monsters totem pieces+shards will drop randomly 1/50. -Changed 4 dose potions to 3 dose potions while herbloring -Repriced donator store prices -Changed vengeance XP -Healer @ duel arena second option heal now works -Fixed a misstake with boss slayer slayer requirement -npc tracker should now correctly track all npcs killed -Fixed an agility bug where you could spam click objects on rooftops -Warriors guild takes 100 tokens now(mbad) And last but not least -Cooking sardines WILL NO LONGER GIVE YOU BURNT TUNAS BACK -also fixed perdu who said he want pkp but actually wants gp -Increased skilling pet chances will be posted on the forums anytime soon for the exact drop rates -Trading post is open for business -Slayer Superior monster now have a 1/100 chance of spawning instead of a 1/200 it was before -Changed low level tasks/shit tasks amount to be way less to get through them more quickily -Changed medium/tier higher tier from 50 max a task to 100-150 varying on the monster and or drop rates -Switched over to a different donationg API. Donating now works as it should with the ::claim command -Removed skipping points with tasks cancelling your streak -changed nieve to 90 slayer as she will only assign boss tasks -duradel can be used from 50 combat -Added RFD to the quest tab -Disabled the Killcount message in-game -Killtracker interface works now(informationtab) -Added a cooking range in the DZ -Added the mage of zamorak in the DZ -Fixed an issue with yelling -Fixed the WOGW, now gives experience -Adjusted starter packs for UIM & IM -Fixed an issue where ironman could not buy items from their shops -Fixed a couple of shop item prices -Removed the random items received from thieving -Changed entree fee for warriors guild from 200 to 100 -Fixed a couple of spelling errors -removed runepouch from wilderness drops -Sedridor can now teleport you to elvarg again even after you have finished dragon slayer -Quest tab updates when you walk, will start adding automated updates here and there -Cosmetics shop now works for ironmen and ultimate ironmen aswell. should help for some fashionscape -Huge clipping issue solved, should move around and click on npc/objects without bugging. makes the game a whole lot smoother -All slayer masters now have the correct requirements -Ckeys now only drop for monsters above combat 30 -Clues no longer drop under combat 50 -Made the droprate for totem pieces 1/50 instead of 1/25 -PVM Caskets are now changed to receive a random amount from 10-150k gp -Arrows do now drop when your range training -Fixed a bug with the vote ticket exchange -Godwars dungeon now requires 40 kc, Donator perks for kc boost have been added -Rejuv pool is now donator only regulars can use the nurse -Godwars dungeon now requires 40 kc, Donator perks for kc boost have been added -Rejuv pool is now donator only regulars can use the nurse -Added tanner to the crafting guild -Replaced lands end teleport with crafting guild -You now lose gp on cutting gems instead of gaining -Removed dstones from crafting store near lands end. -Well of goodwill have been added -Vote system added -Re activated highscores note highscores does not save admin accounts. ::highscores & ::vote & ::donate -Remapped DZ zone (Piscatorris remake) -Fixed slayer xp for OSRS mode. -Went through both d chain and d boots droprate, they are 1/180 for chain, and 1/130 for dboots wich is reasonable -Added a couple more regular daganoths to the teleportation area, however there are approx 30 dagganoths spawns in the cave alone(if you walk a bit more through the cave), Also catacombs of kourend has them -Rock crabs are now a multi-zone. -Edgeville map update: Whilst some of you may already have an updated map file i'm still changing and editing some maps where I feel is needed hence why you may see different objects here is a preview of our new home area suited to what we need. -Looting bag now allows stackable items. -Donated zone have been added -Removed achievements point system, You do get a reward -Removed Kodai from Skotizo droptable, Changed barrows reward from 500 chests from 10m to 5m. -Increased ent droptable -East dragon teleport is fixed -Dragon slayer is completed, It's somewhat similiar to the osrs version but spinned it more towards a RSPS kinda style quest, GL! -Smelting molten glass now gives the correct crafting experience instead of smelting -Rogue outfit now gives the appropriate boost on stalls -Herbsack now takes grimy's instead of clean herbs -Revamped donor store prices -Removed the doors towards the skilling masters, will work on proper door handling this weekend most likely. -UIM & Ironman can now open and purchase their respective shops -First quest of many have been released, Cooks Assistant. Works like osrs bring the man his ingredients to make a cake for the king. Youll get rewarded some cooking experience. -Searching for an item or item part in the trading post works correctly now -Trading post have been added, Need some bug testing. -Banking X bug is fixed -Added thieving npcs in ardougne -Cleaned up a shit ton of old and unused code -Added thieving npcs in ardougne -Every obstacle through the agility rooftops should now reward with a little bit of XP -Changed OSRS mode from x1 to x5 -Imbuement scrolls can be bought from the vote store to imbue your items -All shops are now added (Donator store and Vote store still need a revamp on prices) -Worked on a HC base for future if we decide we want it -Added thieving npcs in ardougne -Cleaned up a shit ton of old and unused code -Item sets can now be opened. Also put in the Pkp store -Rewrote most part of jewelrymaking (ew) and now works as its suppose to -Thieving 99% done, players can no longer buy from Sigmund the Merchant, Added a couple of npcs to the pickpocketlist and nerfed xp/gp accordingly -Fishing is done with the correct teleportation towards the fishing guild -Ironman/UIM can no longer open the bloody chest -Added mahogany trees to woodcutting, numerous bug fixes with chaos elemental -Finished off the shops untill you get me more -Added otto with a dialogue to make a spear into a hasta for the price of 5m, and to revert it for 10m -cleaned up over 1000 deleted objects from zeah(Pretty sure they had an old home there) -Cleaned up shops area a bit -Finished off the shops untill you get me more -Added otto with a dialogue to make a spear into a hasta for the price of 5m, and to revert it for 10m -cleaned up over 1000 deleted objects from zeah(Pretty sure they had an old home there) -Cleaned up shops area a bit -Fixed warrior guild entrance fee now takes your 200 as fee -Animated armours now drop the correct ammount of tokens -While being inside cyclops room now correctly takes away your tokens every minute -Drastically reduced pest control points for XP this could make a nice aspect for 10hp accounts if we ever decide to go for that -Removed the 10 & 20 waves from Fight Caves, Now you can only do full caves also fancied fight caves a bit more visually -Fixed herbsack's name was _.)- has now the correct name -Removed crash island where elfs were. They are now in their original place in letya -Added Edgeville dungeon to the teleportation wizard , moved skeletal wyverns to monsters instead of dungeon. -Added Wildy boss event, Chaos elemental will spawn once every 5-6 hours and will drop a Bloody Key to the person with the most damage. Player who is in hold of the bloody key is not allowed to teleport anywhere and has to make a run towards the ditch to secure the key. A bloody chest rewards players with a possibility of any of the PKP shop items with the chance of giving a rare is at 1/150. Keys are not bankable to avoid people stacking them up people even when in a safe area cannot teleport while holding the key. During BETA it spawns every 5 minutes for testing purposes. Also during beta there is a command called ::telepursuit to tele to the wildy boss when it has spawned - Wilderness teleportations have been completely revamped and now correctly added back
  8. Donation FAQ & Perks click the icon to be redirected to the store. Custom Donations: All gamemodes: -Ankou set 100$ -Anti Santa set 100$ -Santa set 100$ -Mummy set 100$ -Dark tuxedo set 100$ -Infernal cape 150$ -Fire cape 20$ UIM / IM: -Ankou set 100$ -Anti Santa set 100$ -Santa set 100$ -Mummy set 100$ -Dark tuxedo set 100$ Donator Rank Perks: 10$ Supporter -Acces to Donator Zone (::dz) -Can use Bob the Decanter -Usage of yell every 60 seconds -Rejuvination pool -Skipping tasks costs 25 points instead of 30 -1 extra PC point per game - 1% Droprate Boost - Get 2KC in godwars per single kill 25$ Donator -Acces to Donator Zone (::dz) -Can use Bob the Decanter -Usage of yell every 50 seconds -Rejuvination pool -Skipping tasks costs 15 points instead of 30 -3 extra PC point per game -2% Droprate Boost - Get 3KC in godwars per single kill -An extra red chin spot (cave inside DZ) 100$ Super Donator -Acces to Donator Zone (::dz) -Can use Bob the Decanter -Usage of yell every 30 seconds -Rejuvination pool -Skipping tasks costs 5 points instead of 30 -5 extra PC point per game - 3% Droprate Boost - Get 4KC in godwars per single kill -An extra red chin spot (cave inside DZ) -20 wave Fightcaves 250$ Extreme Donator -Acces to Donator Zone (::dz) -Can use Bob the Decanter -Usage of yell every 10 seconds -Rejuvination pool -Skipping tasks is FREE -7 extra PC point per game - 4% Droprate Boost - Get 4KC in godwars per single kill -An extra red chin spot (cave inside DZ) -10 wave Fightcaves 500$ Sponsor -Acces to Donator Zone (::dz) -Can use Bob the Decanter -Usage of yell every 1 seconds -Rejuvination pool -Skipping tasks is FREE -9 extra PC point per game - 5% Droprate Boost - Get in godwars for free -An extra red chin spot (cave inside DZ) -10 wave Fightcaves