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  1. Hey there, I want to keep this short and to the point. Due to some personal matter I'm taking some time away from the responsibilities of having a rank and I'm stepping down from my current rank in the staff team of DefuseD. I will try to stay somewhat active between Discord, DefuseD, OSRS and the forums here. Thank you for understanding and taking the time to read this short update message
  2. Interesting post, will definitely keep an eye on this one Grats on 200m mate Right behind you on that one hehe
  3. Welcome to the community! We're glad to see you guys make posts on the forums aswell, Hope you enjoy your stay and make friends here
  4. Hello God, Thank you for taking your time to write an application post. After consideration, we have decided to accept you as a Server Support for the staff team of DefuseD. We would like to see your activity as much as in game as for forum activity to be just as active and helpful as you have been since you've joined. Thank you for the helpful guides so far and we all hope to see more of them in the future On behalf of the DefuseD Staff Team, we would like to welcome you into the community and wish you the best of luck.
  5. Hello there Zennu, Thank you for taking your time in writing an application. After a consideration between the staff team, we have decided to deny your application as another application from another player has been accepted, and as we stated we are only accepting one extra staff support at this moment in time. We are happy to have you in our community but as of currently we do not need any extra staff. On behalf of the DefuseD Staff Team, we would like to thank you for your time and understanding.
  6. Welcome to the community, we're glad to have you here. On the behalf of the staff team we hope you enjoy your stay and like the content we put out
  7. Looks nice man, but it doesnt show where about the trees really are. Maybe add screenshots of the areas with points or arrows on them
  8. Dragon Slayer Skill requirements: 55 Mining 50 Smithing Items Required: 50 Mithril bars 50 Mithril ores 50 Air runes 50 Chaos runes 50 Body runes 50 Mind Runes 100k 1. Starting off To start the quest off you have to travel to Varrock. Teleport there by using the teleportation wizard at home in Edgeville. Proceed to run North from the teleport to the Varrock castle and talk to the Guildmaster. 2. Finding the npc's He will tell you to talk to the next 4 npc's in this exact order: 1) Squire in Falador castle 2) Ned in Draynor Village 3) Redbeard Frank in Port Sarim 4) The Odd Man on Karamja 3. Finding the map pieces After you talk to the npc's you should return to the Guildmaster in Varrock who will tell you to talk to Ned in Draynor Village again. Ned will tell you to obtain the 3 map pieces for Crandor in this exact order: 1) Oziach To get the map piece from Oziach, you will have to pay him 100k GP for the map piece and he will hand it to you. 2) Oracle For the second map piece, the Oracle on white wolf mountain will ask you to bring her a few sets of runes in exchange for the map piece: 50 Air runes 50 Chaos runes 50 Body runes 50 Mind Runes 3) Aubury And for the last piece Aubury will hand you his map piece in exchange for these items: 50 Mithril bars 50 Mithril ore 4. Getting ready for the fight After you obtain all three map pieces, return to Ned in Draynor Village and talk to him. He will tell you to return to Sedridor in Edgeville, who will teleport you to Elvarg for the boss fight. Sedridor is located just west of the Edgeville bank. Talk to Sedridor when you are ready for the fight and he will teleport you to Elvarg. Elvarg has 300HP and a max hit of 40. After you kill Elvarg you have to pick up the head and return it to the Guildmaster to complete your quest! Congratulations, you have completed Dragon slayer. Upon completion, You unlock the Dragon Slayer Shop!
  9. Lovely, looks great man.
  10. Blank

    Skotizo Guide

    Looks good, but maybe instead of the small picture of the altar, have the big minimap and circle it for the location.
  11. Nice to see you write a little introduction aswell
  12. Glad to see you on the forums aswell, hope you're enjoying yourself in the game with the rest of the players. Enjoy your stay!