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Coffee's Server Support application

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Timezone (UTC): UTC +3
Discord Tag: Gwendeith
Languages: Estonian/english

Have you ever been assigned a staff position? No, not in RSPS. Been a team captain in League though. 😜

Have you ever been infracted (forums/in-game) on DefuseD? No.
If so, please explain why : -

How much time do you spend on DefuseD? At work days 3 hours most. My workdays are 12h long. Trying to be as active as possible. On free days atleast 3hours+.

Image of time spent logged in : http://prntscr.com/oxbery

Forum post count: 4.

What do you like the most about DefuseD? I like the XP rates, it's not high nor low, it's just perfect. It also has multiple modes to choose from. The server isn't pay2win. To get items, you don't have to grind really hard nor it isn't kind of easy to get either. I really like the clue scroll system, click-for-reward. Constant updates and good/friendly staff.

Why would you like to work with our staff team? I'd like to work with the team because I want to see the server succeed. I like to help people, sometimes more than myself. 

What could you bring to help better the team? I've recently finished army as a medic. I like to help people and that makes me feel good and gives me a feeling that I'm actually useful. I like discipline, if there's discipline, there won't be chaos. I like to keep things in check.

What skills or unique qualities could you possibly offer to DefuseD's staff team? If needed, can adapt to the environment really quick and pick up skills fast. I'm pretty straight-forward, I hate beating around the bush. 

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Thank you for your application.

We have decided to accept your role as a Server Support. Please check your Discord DM's and reply back with your answer.

We look forward to hearing from you and congratulations! 

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